Is this a good deal? (Stand plus headset)
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    Default Is this a good deal? (Stand plus headset)

    DJ friend of mine is selling almost all his stuff since he is upgrading.

    Among them are 2 things im interested in:

    A stanton foldable stand "that most DJs use" (according to him)


    A pair of sony headsets, he believes they are these:!Z2Eb587QTNmSGEe...x-headphones-s

    he sais its a sony remix hdj 1000, but i could not find that model online, i think they may be these:

    since the models match, but he says they are sony

    he used the headsets for a month but got another set,
    he didnt say how used the stand is

    he said he can sell me both for $75

    ur tohughts?

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    either one of those headphones are like basic beginner cans...Lots of people use them both, personally i hate the sony's but the pioneers are ok... If this is your first pair of headphones then they would be ok to start with. I would listen to them first to make sure they are good. They could be blown or something. And that stand is ok... I think if you search this site you will find peoples reviews on it...

    Assuming the cans are in perfect order then $75 is a good deal. If anything is wrong with them or the stand then I wouldn't do it...
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    I agree as long as the headphones aren't blown out that's a good deal.
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