Best monitors/speakers for $300-$400
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    Default Best monitors/speakers for $300-$400

    So my setup is almost complete, just need to choose a good set of speakers or monitors.

    So far I am going to get:

    -VCI 100 SE
    -Audio 4 DJ (I could be fine with the Audio 2, but I figured this would make my setups more "future proof" just in case).
    -Stanton Uberstand
    -Some headset (dont know which yet, which is why my budget is in a range)

    Now here is the dilemma. Although the general consensus says not to use monitors as speakers, some have told me they would do fine. As I do not yet know when I actually will be producing tunes since I am going to spend a long time learning ableton (and eventually get an Oxygen 49 maybe next year when I feel comfortable enough with it), I do not know whether to get speakers or monitors. IF I go with decent monitors, i WOULD like to be able to use them for, say, apartment or small house parties.

    So what are good monitors or speakers in the $300-$400 price range?

    Much thanks and appreciation,


    PS: I know some of you know I have made several threads regarding gear ans "what should I get". To those people, thank you for being tolerant of my constant inquiries, and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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