60 minutes of Bangin Beats and Epic Trance Anthems, once again showcasing the hottest TechTrance sounds of the underground!

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60mins @ 48KHz ~210Kbit VBR // 90.6MB

ˇ Timmy & Tommy - Repercussions
ˇ Adam Beyer - Antistius
ˇ Evol Waves - 2012
ˇ Karanda - Shuffle (Mark Eteson pres. Standard Procedure Remix)
ˇ Will Atkinson & Nick Callaghan - Until Next Time (Lee Haslam Remix)
ˇ Darren Morfitt & Dart Ryme - Inglorius Basterds
ˇ Alan Wyse - Future Sound
ˇ Chris & Matt Kidd - Compulsive
ˇ Sneijder - Warsaw (Arctic Moon Remix)
ˇ Gary Maguire - One Way (John Askew Remix)
ˇ Dave & Oliver - F1 (Thr3shold Remix)
ˇ Future Disciple - 28 Tracks Later (Scott Attrill Remix)
ˇ Terrafusion - Numen-Latiaris
ˇ Tom Colontonio - Subdued (Mike Nichol Remix)