Weird problems with Traktor Scratch Pro and CDJs
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    Default Weird problems with Traktor Scratch Pro and CDJs

    I had these issues initially on a pair of CDJ2000's and assumed it was due to the new technology and all, but then it happened on a pair of 1000's so I'm assuming it's somewhere in my setup.

    First off, when I push the pause button on the CDJ, I can only get the track in traktor to actually stop if the CDJ is in vinyl mode. if it's in the CDJ jog mode, the deck stops but the track keeps playing in traktor. Maybe there's something obvious I'm missing here, but I couldn't figure out a way around this for the life of me.

    Secondly, at random intervals, when I have the CDJ paused and in vinyl mode, no matter which way I turn the jog wheel (either forward or reverse) the track in traktor will only move forward. I.E. even if I spin the jog in reverse, the digital track still moves forward. Changing the traktor deck to internal and then back to scratch control seemed to fix this, but it's annoying when it comes up.

    Thirdly, I can not switch the traktor deck to absolute mode at all. Relative mode -works- (albeit not perfectly), but when I click the absolute button, nothing happens and the button never changes it's color/state (i.e it stays gray and un-depressed). I would like to be able to play traktor as I would traditionally play CDs, specifically being able to use the CDJ's cue function to set the cue point at the beginning of the track.

    Any help?

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    did you modify your tsi / mappings at all? this a new issue or was existent from the first time you fired up the cdjs / traktor?

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