Numark DJ I/O with Windows 7 64 bit
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    Default Numark DJ I/O with Windows 7 64 bit

    Just had an issue with the Numark DJ I/O running Windows 7 64 bit driver. A friend lent me it because it has a microphone input. I needed a mic for a game show that was scheduled in the middle of the party. I tested everything beforehand and all was working fine. When the time to shine arrived, the mic was totally distorted and sounded like ass. It sounded like an impedance matching problem or something like that. Like the signal was compressed and amplified to +99db. If you would have looked at the waveform it would have been a solid clipped box. Maybe restarting the PC would have done the trick but I tried restarting Traktor Pro and no luck. The host was a comedian and commented on the mic a few times. "Let's give a big hand for the DJ ! ...... yes, yes, Thanks for the cheap microphone by the way."

    Computers suck.


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    was you running the mic into traktor and through a deck then? i just normally plug it in and let it run through the master out of the box

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    I was running it into the MIC input of the Numark I/O and the master output 1 was wired straight into the amp.

    One other note: A bellydancer showed up with a wireless headset mic (like Madonna in concert) and it was doing the same shit so it wasn't my mic that was bad. Thank god she had a Mackie SRM150 in her trunk and she performed running through that. BTW the problems would have been solved if the Mackie SRM150 had an output. I would have run it into my amp and had a nice mix. Thanks knuckleheads at Mackie.

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    I'm using that card on Windows 7 64-bit with no problems, and I am using the mic input also. I have just been running straight into powered speakers, and haven't experienced your trouble, and hope I don't!
    Let me know if you figure out what caused it, because in August I have my first gigs lined up at a small bar, and I plan to use their speakers and plug directly into the amp as you did, (because they don't have a mixer) and just mix internally on the laptop.

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    Default New 64 bit drivers for Numark dj IO not working with Virtual Dj NOR Traktor

    The DJ-IO worked perfectly with Virtual DJ and Traktor PRO. I installed Windows 7 on my laptop so had to renew my drivers for the 64 bit version. Traktor does not accept these drivers at all. Virtual DJ (7) does recognize them but the sound is terribly distorted. What can i do? Any tips anyone?

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