Software that will convert midi into qwerty keyboard commands?
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    Default Software that will convert midi into qwerty keyboard commands?

    I want to use my custom midi controller to control a macro script I've written in Windows. The macro script is written in AHK and only responds to qwerty keyboard commands and mouse movements. It's designed to control the Windows OS so the Traktor keyboard shortcuts aren't any use to me.

    Can anyone think of a practical way to get midi cc commands converted automatically into qwerty keyboard commands? Ideally it should be a utility like GlovePie... any ideas?

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    The Mac version of QuicKeys does this.

    Another one for OS X is midistroke which is free:
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    Default .net midi libary

    I am currently devising a way to use my midi keyboard as a standalone keyboard in the .net programming language(c# exactly). Basically using the Midi-dot-net library and hooking the keyboard to send keys to the system. There will be a service or application that needs to run this method will not expose a HID device. So whatever you map will not be available to the bios at system startup. I have an atari cx85 numpad I converted to usbHID with a DIY keyboard chip from to handle that. I have not devised a control scheme(such as the qwerty layout), but writing a macro type application to basically act as a control surface shouldn't be hard at all. I'll keep whoever posted if they express interest in my progress, but learning the .net language, at least to a level to complete this application, is not very difficult. I'd recommend to anybody that doesn't have money to buy this kind of software(mac, windows,linux) to look into visual studio express c# (2010) version should be fine. No need to pirate microsoft development software to accomplish this. The thing about .net is(other than hooking the keyboard dll) is that you can use monodevelop as the development IDE instead of visual studio on linux,mac,windows and run the resulting program using the mono runtime libraries to run your application. So not only can you use a midi keyboard, you can use behringers midi foot peddle or any other midi device as input into your OS which you can translate however you wish into keys into your application. Finding the window(application) title in c# is extremely easy and you could even have the keys change based on the application that is currently open.

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