Vci-300/ Lack of Effects/ Traktor pro or new midi?
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    Default Vci-300/ Lack of Effects/ Traktor pro or new midi?

    I have the vci-300 with a mac and im finding that I want a more "Diverse" show.
    If i get traktor i'll have more effects but i wont have anyplace to map them to i think. And if i order a midi.controller- even that simple square one they sell on the sight- wouldnt that be multiple midi controllers on one program? is that possible?
    And are there any deecent torrents for traktor???
    And if i didn't get traktor and a midi controller instead would i still be lacking effects or could i add some?

    Sorry for the randomness in question order but im new n whatnot... lol
    Thanks for your time - Sep

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    Hi Sep, welcome to the forum.

    For your first post, you head straight into rocky ground! You will NOT get help for torrents on this site. There are a lot of professional DJs here and things like cracked software and illegal music is a big No-No. But we'll give you a chance to redeem yourself ;-)

    For your VCI-300, there is a dedicated VFX controller that will unlock the effects in Itch. They are not as elaborate as the ones in Traktor Pro, but they can be used creatively.

    As for using your VCI-300 with Traktor, there are good mapping here in the forums for your controller. You will probably benefit from an external controller like the NI Kontrol X1, as it has knobs and buttons for excellent effects control. Plus if you get the X1, it comes with Traktor LE which can be upgraded inexpensively right now to Traktor Pro (there is a half price promotion on at the NI site). Then you will have all you need and be fully legit!

    Hope this helps. Ask more if you need, just not for cracks.

    Later, Phil.
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    everything that Phil said.

    I recently got a 300. I love Itch and I have strong crush on Traktor. I use them both, and with the X1, I can do everything I need to with the 300. I suggest you do some searches on the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sepdanger View Post
    And are there any deecent torrents for traktor???
    Yes here:

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