The music business is changing a lot at the moment.

The old ways of marketing and distribution are collapsing. The Internet is an opportunity for artists to sell music on their own. It is getting more and more difficult for the major players in the music industry to justify the high percentage they take from the CDs they produce. The CD as the only media used to promote and to sell music is quickly loosing dominance.



1 - The Music-Crisis / Die Musik-Krise
What led to the music-biz crisis? Who is responsible and why?

2 - Indie VS. Major
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Independent / Major-Labels?

3 - Selfrelease / Selbstvermarktung
What is selfrelease, how can you do it right or wrong?

4 - New Media / Neue Medien
How do you use the internet propperly, where are dangers and advantages?

5 - Copyright
What about copyright issues in trhe new music business?
What about alternativities like Creative Commons?

6 - GEMA
A closer and critical look at the german collecting society
called GEMA (like RIAA).

7 - The Future of CD / Zukunft der CD
What will happen to physical soundcarriers like the CD or vinyl?

8 - Livegigs
Making money with livegigs, how and why?

9 - Income / Einkommen
Bands and labels tell you how and how much money the make.

10 - The Future Of Music / Zukunft der Musik
What will the future of music / music-biz look like?

11 - Tips & Hints / Tipps & Tricks
All interviewed artists, labels, coaches etc give you usefull hints
to make your way in professional music biz.
mostly in german, but there are subs in english and many musicians interviewed are talking english..

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