Akai Joins the iPhone/iPad Bandwagon
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    Default Akai Joins the iPhone/iPad Bandwagon

    Seems everyone is going the App way.



    Any use to anyone?

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    eghhh...one thing I really dislike about the ipad or any touch screen for that matter is not really being able to control buttons/knobs/faders exactly.

    I don't have an ipad but on my ipod touch I find if I whenever I am dragging it never goes EXACTLY how I want it to go. It's always slightly off when I lift my finger up. All these fancy apps on the ipad look cool but how the hell can somebody control all those buttons/knobs/faders when they have to do it relatively fast?

    Maybe I am just not good with touch screens, but that seems like a fairly big issue considering if a fader for example is slightly off from desired, the result can sound like hell.

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    Three menu selections just to find an LFO slider?

    You get all the controls but they're so far apart, using it as a live performance device means you have large gaps in your performance where nothing changes as you hunt and peck to get to the control you want to tweak.

    Provide a "breakout" page where you can map the controls you'll need for a performace onto one or two pages and then maybe it might be useful.

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