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    Default Traktor Pro Tag Reading

    Does anyone know how to get Traktor to read the tags on a track without re-importing them into your collection? (The tags I write with Rapid Evolution only seem to show up in Traktor when i delete the track and then re-import but I'm wondering if I can get Traktor to read the tags another way...?)

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    I know if I add something to the comments in iTunes I can right click on it and select check consistency then what I added in the comments shows up in Traktor. Also if I drag the song to a deck it's added.
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    Consistency Checker is basically reading all the tags from the collection.
    Thats the easiest way to force Traktor to read all the collections tags.

    Traktor will also read a tag after a track is loaded and unloaded from a deck or if you make a playlist in itunes and import it to Traktors playlists.

    You could just load the tracks one after another if there arent to many but as photojojo says Consistency Checker is the best way.

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