ok hi all, first thing i would like t o say, there are a few different forum posts on this same subject but all are out of date, or constantly different because it changes with the version of traktor you are running, well right now me and my buddy are both running 1.2.4, mine is on my dell with 64 bit windows 7 and my buddy's on mac osx 10.5.8(im not a mac guy so dont know if it matters), my original hope was to be able to set my computer as the master and my friends as a slave(we tried to get this to work for very long without success, plz shed some light), btw ill add a pic and list all the gear being used at the end, another idea i got was using ip midi to sent it over lan from one to the other, but now i think i may have a solid idea and am looking for some feedback, you see, were using a ddm4000 as the main mixing consol (2 decks from each computer) and for those of you that dont know the ddm has a midi clock that is user adjustable to the bpm, i tried it out of the ddm into my friendn mpd24 and it was reading the bpm, just a littlle bit jumpy but it seemed pretty good, soo what my thought is now, if i can sent that signal out from the ddm, as whatever bpm i want, i can use a splitter to take it in, and sent it to 2, 3 or more computer to all be following the ddm's clock,if anyone else has done this and would like to confirm it working that would be great, also, if anyone has made either of the other ideas work(LAN syn with ipmidi or other softwear) (or having 1 traktor as the master and 1 as the slave)
anyway, heres a pic of the gear and a list
gearlist in random order, akai mpd24, m audio oxygen 8 v2, behringer ddm4000, roland midi keyboard (unknown name), m-audio uno, stanton final scratch sound card (hidden in drawer), m audio connectiv (hidden in drawer), and for the speaker nerds that is a db technologies opera lyric 212, and there is another on other side of the room, amazing speakers, any questions/comment/feedback/tips/help greatly appreciated