4 Deck midiFighter/Pad Controller Mapping
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    Default 4 Deck midiFighter/Pad Controller Mapping

    This mapping is for Traktor Pro version 1.2.6

    And it's pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

    Ean's mappings are good, sure, but they're not at all geared towards what I feel the midiFighter should be: a secondary controller used to support another one. (VCI-100, Xone DX/3D, BCR, whatever.) So I trawled through Traktor's midi mapper (which is a pain to do with a trackpad) and brought this into being.

    And now I'm putting this in the Controller Mappings Forum because it can be easily adapted for the 16 Button/Pad controller of your choice!

    A brief explanation of the buttons:

    The controller is divided up into four sections (6, if you want to count the shift buttons): one for each deck. With none of the shift buttons held, each button will set+store or jump to its corresponding cue point, ideal for cue juggling.

    With the BLUE SHIFT button held down (lower left corner button) Pressing any of the cue buttons will activate the beatmasher effect for the deck that cue point would normally correspond to. (activate meaning load the effect in slot 3, set the leng parameter to the appropriate value, and activate effect slot 3 for the proper deck) To stop the effect, let go of the cue button, then let go of the shift button. To keep the effect going without having to hold the buttons down, let go of hte shift button first.

    With the RED SHIFT button held down, a combination of the above two functions will occur. You will jump to (or set) a cue point as usual, and the beatmasher effect will also be triggered (it's defaulted at 1/8th for this, but you can easily change that).

    If you press both the RED and BLUE shift buttons at the same time, you get FX mode, or GREEN SHIFT. You don't have to hold both shift buttons down for this, and the bottom two corner lights stay on while you're in this mode. To exit FX mode, just press either of the shift buttons again. The top two rows of buttons control advanced FX banks (I have them in slots 3 and 4) and the bottom three buttons used for decks C and D toggle chained FX in slots 1 and 2. All the buttons here are set to HOLD mode, not TOGGLE. However, if you hold any of the buttons down and then exit FX mode, the button will stay ON until you toggle it off with another controller, or go back into FX mode and press the button again.

    This might all sound terribly complex, but believe me when I say that once you start playing with it, it's /really/ easy to get the hang of.

    Extra Features / Annoying Light Show:

    I like blinking lights, and the little blue LEDs on my midiFighter make me happy, so I threw in the following two features:

    The LED corresponding to Cue 1 for each deck will blink in time to the beat for whatever track is playing! Assuming, that is, that you have the track gridded properly. This is also a handy way to see which tracks are playing without looking at your laptop, which is handy. (protip: if the LED is blinking, the track is playing. If the track is stopped on a beat (the white markers of the grid) the light will stay on.)

    Similarly, the LED corresponding to Cue 2 for each deck will light up whenever its track has a loop active! Also handy!

    If the light shows bother you, well, they're easy enough to turn off yourself by simply deleting each entry in the mapping tool.

    Questions, comments, suggestions, etc are all welcome!

    You can find a picture of the mapping here:

    And a youtube demo video is maybe in the works! Because somebody asked for it!
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    Great contribution. YouTube demo would be fantastic! I'm going to post this on the Midifighter Facebook page.

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    The link to the gif file is broken. Are the map and video posted elsewhere?



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    i tried it out the first time with my mpd16 and it worked as if i had my own midifighter, but when i connected my vestax vcm 100 it just doesnt seem to want to cooperate with my other controller any ideas?
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    Would we see a new update to our MF classic in Traktor 2.5?

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