Cheap Mixer for Vinyl Listening?
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    Default Cheap Mixer for Vinyl Listening?

    Hey guys,
    So I've finally started my vinyl collection and have a turntable on the way. While I build my collection, I'll only be using the setup for listening.
    So, I either need an amp or a cheap mixer (without TSP, no way I could use my Audio 4 right?).
    All I'm looking for is sound quality and price. I saw this for 60$, but that seems too good to be true (most amps I've looked at run at about at least $100).
    If I only need sound quality, what should I do?
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    The Gemini mixer will work and is the cheapest option if you don't have a phono input on the amp you want to use. For better sound check out your local flea markets or pawn shop and look for an older amp that has a phono input on it. For the same money as the mixer you should be able to find a Harmon Kardon or another quality brand. Most of the older amps have a quality pre-amp section which should be better than the Gemini. The more pieces of gear you puit in the signal chain the more likely you are to pick up noise, ground loops, and other bad stuff.
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