Anybody here own an M-Audio Axiom 25/49/61?
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    Default Anybody here own an M-Audio Axiom 25/49/61?

    After falling in love with Traktor Pro I've been looking for a way to map Traktor to my Axiom 49. I know it's not exactly a MIDI controller a DJ would use but it's what I got and it works perfectly with Logic so I don't really see the use of getting another one strictly for mixing.

    Anyways.. I was wondering if any of you guys would like to help me map some stuff on Traktor (effects buttons and knobs, transport controls, cue and loop controls, fader, etc) into my Axiom in an ergonomic way that would allow a smooth workflow while mixing.

    Any takers? Here's a picture of an Axiom 49 so you guys can get a picture of what I'm working with:

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    You should take a look at eans novation 25 mappings, check this video

    That will give you a good head start theres no reason you cant use this midi controller to control traktor well.

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