Problem Using Trakor Pro & Maschine Together w/Audio8
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    Default Problem Using Trakor Pro & Maschine Together w/Audio8

    I purchased Maschine two weeks ago and I love it. I started to get brave so I fired up Traktor Pro set up my Audio 8 to internal mixing 1/2 Master 7/8 Monitor. Followed by the Midi Clock Send & Virtual Midi Cable. I started Maschine...and POW! Audio from the sound card died. So i quit traktor and also maschine. I open maschine up and set master audio 3/4 then I closed it.
    Fired up Traktor and then maschine....and same thing. I gave up!

    So I tired the same thing with Traktor 3 and guess what? It worked on the first try. I still need to find out what is going on with Traktor Pro and the audio going out.

    Has anyone had any luck with Traktor Pro?

    Run Down

    Audio 8
    Traktor Pro 1/2 Master 7/8 Monitor
    Maschine 3/4 Master

    I follow this from the NI site (You To have a NI acct to View it)
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