Any bugs with Traktor pro?
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    Default Any bugs with Traktor pro?

    I've noticed a few things that kinda freak me out with T pro. the biggest one is that it seems that NI have implanted a brain in Tpro which makes it punch out of loops whenever it feels like it.

    It only happens with loops that are less than 1 beat (ie 1/2 1/4...1/32), and it happens randomly at different intervals.

    Secondly, i've noticed that the audio does not keep up with the seek position sometimes. i've set it on my akai mpd24 and on my vci100 and whenever i scroll to some point in the song quickly, sometimes it will just play as if nothing happened. hard to explain...

    Gater effect (on chained effects), when no song is playing, it just does a gater of white noise or something.

    while i love the new version, its just a bit buggy (still better than t3 IMHO), and i know this is the first release, and updates are bound to come, but i just hope people can submit these bugs so that NI will know what needs to be tweaked.

    Anyone care to point out some others?

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    You really should visit the Native Instruments Traktor forum, where there are more bug complaints than an Orkin man gets in a decade.
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