Tonearm causing static noises?
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    Default Tonearm causing static noises?

    Im receiving distorted-like static noise whenever i touch or move the tonearm of my LEFT turntable. Never had this problem before, it seems like a grounding problem. Both of my TT grounded to Rane SL-3 Box, everything seems to be in their place. Not sure where this problem is comming from, im sure it has to do with the tonearm. I tested by vibrating the turntable, tapping the vinyl, pushing and hitting this and that,, etc

    Just want to know if this is a common problem? where should i start fixing?
    should i replace the tonearm?

    I tried replacing/removing the cartridge, doesnt work either....
    im lost

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    Im getting noise just by placing the stylus on the vinyl while is stopped..

    this reminds me of when i first got my TT and I forgot to ground it.. this is really bothering me..
    please someone spare help

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    check the wiring of the tonearm, and the wiring of the cartridge.

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    are you lickin ur needles b4 u screw them in? those 4 posts on the end of the tonearm can get rusty n cause noise!

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