Everything working great except for recording...
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    Default Everything working great except for recording...

    Hi All (1st post),

    I recently 'upgraded' back to Windows XP as I was having horrible latency/click/pop issues using Traktor Scratch Pro with timecodes on Vista.

    The clicks and pops have gone! Joy! Latency is down to 1.5ms as well. Only problem is... I also have a novation nio 2/4 that I use for recording my sets. I also use it for MIDI control with my Behringer DDM4000 (I can post up my custom control map if anyone is interested).

    Now, the MIDI control works fine, the input meter is flashing away merrily on the novation so signal is definitely reaching it (it's connected to the record out of the mixer). But it just won't record into Audacity/Windows Sound Recorder/Anything. The novation is set as the recorder in both windows sound properties and in Audacity options. But the record line just sticks and flashes at the start of the track.

    Any ideas? Cheers.

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    I'm no Windows expert, but it seems your trouble is multiple sound card support with Windows (which I don't believe is possible). Do you have an A8DJ or A4DJ? If you have an 8 you could use two inputs there to get your Audacity input, otherwise we will have to wait for a Windows expert to chime in.


    P.S. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hi Phil,

    I forgot, I was going to post my full system specs:-

    Acer Aspire 5920g (2GHz dual core, 4gb RAM)
    Audio 4 DJ
    Traktor Scratch Pro
    Novation Nio 2/4
    Behringer DDM4000
    Pioneer cdj800s

    Everything is set up the same as when I was recording without a problem on Vista. Hummmmm....

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