Cortex hdtt 5000
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    Default Cortex hdtt 5000

    an interesting new player, that i found for around 450 us on ebay. No cd player, just uses your own usb hardrive/flash drive. I was keen to know how similar they were to 1000's. eg. jog wheel sensitivity.

    What i mainly am looking for is something that is similar to the cdj 1000's because here they are in every club and I would like to get familiar with them, this controller is the closest i have seen to a cdj 1000 mk3 anyone else have any other good players? I would definately prefer the vestax vci-100 over all of these, however i dont want to get used to the interface on the vci100 then go to clubs and have to use 1000's mk3.. any suggestions? or is the vci-100 similar to using a cdj1000 in terms of interface, forgetting you have a laptop... any help would be appreciated. thanks!!!

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    buy a cdj800 or a cdj 1000 mk1 or mk2 they are almost the sma ething so u can learn how to use u can also take or vci to the club to be honest if the crowd is happy and the party is wild who give a SH*T with what u playing so i recmmend no to waste money but if u want to buy a pioneer cdj 800 mki or mk2

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