Reading Tracks BPM in Traktor
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    Default Reading Tracks BPM in Traktor

    Having an issue here with BPM values in Traktor. I put my whole libary through mixed in key in order to find out all of there BPM's because tonight im playing alot of chart, hip hop and stuff i dont usually play so was putting ti through to see similar bpms so im not jumping dramatically each time i play a song for a smoother set throughout the night.

    Although Mixed in Key has got all of these Bpm's in Traktor it hasnt yet acknowledged it knows all my tracks BPM and 80% still stand at 0.00 bpm anyway i can get traktor to preview all my tracks individually to find out there BPM's or would i have to do it individually?

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    I won't never understand why some of you use another program to detect bpms if you are going to play the tracks with Traktor, that's to double the time and tasks for doing the same thing, I just don't get it.

    Select all the 0.00 bpm tracks in Traktor's collection and apply "analyze (async)" by right clicking over the selection, Traktor will set the bpms that way.
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