APC40 Mapping Madness (Midi Fighter Style on APC40)
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    Default APC40 Mapping Madness (Midi Fighter Style on APC40)

    This week I've ordered my Midi Fighter and as I cannot wait to receive it, I already started using the Midi Fighter mapping for Traktor by remapping it on my APC40!

    The first result is now having row 5/6/7&8 (top 4 rows) mapped exactly as the DECK A mapping for Midi Fighter. I started to make slight adjustments to the LED's (as the APC40 has more options then the MF) and I went crazy playing with it! And I know that it's always cool to see other people's mappings, so I wanted to share mine as well! Both TSI (deck A only) and layout are attached. (don't forget to set the APC40 to 'dumb mode' via Albeton...).

    I cannot wait for the original MF to arrive and test the ultra responsiveness and speed!!

    (check out original files, new MF TSI file and info here http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/06/3...lized-mapping/)

    I'll continue to make it even more APC40 style and map a second deck asap (and move the first deck A to the left). But as I'm also playing with 2 and 4 deck TSI's an update might not come very soon
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    Did you just go through the map and remap it via midi learn to the new buttons? The reason I ask is that I have been messing around with Launchpad/midikatapult combination to use this tsi and so far when I try this it just makes the mapping behave really strangely.
    I have mapped it OK via Automap by just mirroring the button layout on the launchpad and midifighter.
    I'd like to know how you get on with the midifighter though too as I am seriously tempted myself.

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    It's not really clear to me what you did or didn't manage as you are talking about 'strange mapping behavoir' but also that you did OK?

    But this is the way I did it

    1) I made a 4x4 button drawing and checked which notes midi fighter was sending per button (so I could check the TSI and knew which in/out signals were sent from Traktor when pressing a key on the midi Fighter)

    2) I used the APC40 notes map to check which notes from the Midi Fighter should be replaced by which notes on the APC.

    3) Using the 'learn' function of Traktor, I changed every note per in&out signal with the related note on the APC.

    This is probably quite obvious, but it's working fine now.

    What kind of strange behaviour did you see? Everything worked directly on my APC40 without any problems.

    I'll continue to map another deck as well and start with some cool led additions as the APC has more options with regards to coloring.

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    I can get it mostly working if I use Automap midi. When I say mostly, for example the effect on the 2nd row far right, doesn't switch on and off consistently. It only briefly switches on and then goes straight off, but the next time it will stay on properly. It also doesnt stay on with the shift function.
    When I use midikatapult I get a similar problem with this effect but the effect does not stay on at all and the light only briefly flashes on and then goes straight off.
    Also with midikatapult I cannot get the record to work properly but this is OK with automap midi.
    I have been going through this morning to get all the midi-fighter keys assigned to cc's on the launchpad but I have done the first two rows and I am getting weird problems already.

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    Are you using Traktor Pro? It sounds like you are having problems with the additional effects.

    The mapping is used to have 4 effect-decks (although I think 3 actually). 2 chained and 2 advanced.

    Be sure to have Traktor Pro with 4 effect-units enabled, also make sure all filters are selectable in the config. The mapping will show errors with Traktor LE and/or DUO.

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    How are the buttons of the APC40 for beatjuggling ? I know the midifighter buttons are better, but are they any good ? Can you beatjuggle even good and even fast as on the midifighter ?

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    The buttons are nice, and although my own MF is still on its way, I think that the APC40 is not as quick and responsive as the MF. Seeing the vids I think that the MF buttons are more easy to press, more smooth.

    Although I've noticed a guy on youtube who did very nice on some kind of thumbing on the buttons which looked as great and fast as the MF

    APC40 will do fine, great device. Give it a try yourself

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    I've actually given up trying to get this working via midikatapult, I could only get it set up through automap (which I must admit that I am starting to hate) so guess what..........
    I've ordered a midifighter, I can't wait.

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    @winrow; do you mean you wanted to map the APC40 with a midi fighter style? Why not directly on the APC40, why did you use a software in between?

    I've made a quick video on the mapping this week, I already updated it and changed the button layout a bit. But to give you an idea of the status, check out this video I made

    (If it's not working, go to youtubeu itself. No errors in there . Also, forget the ugly mixing/thumbing, I was just pressing some buttons to show the current mapping)
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    Updated TSI

    Check out a great 'beta' version of this new mapping using the APC40 together with Traktor Pro:


    Keep in mind that I use a Reloop DJ II as well so no EQ is mapped (yet.?) but feel free to map it yourself as though a lot of functions are available already you still have buttons left for more (that will be in the next release where I'll add panning, main-filter, maybe eq, and I'm thinking of even more funky stuff )

    Download the TSI here

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