Traktor can be a synthesizer!
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    Default Traktor can be a synthesizer!

    I'm sure many of you already know this (I think there was an article on the blog a while back about it) but Traktor can be used as a synthesizer. Here's how:

    That's my first ever tutorial/how to Youtube vid so bear with it's dodgyness. Not sure how practical this is but its awesome fun to play around with.

    Another cool synth patch can be created by using the gater instead of the filter.

    EDIT: Just went and checked out Ean Golden's Traktor synth video and it's pretty much exactly the same as mine here in terms of the technicalities so check that out too:
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    like it
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    there's also a "Great Giana Brothers" video on youtube (sorry, blocked at work so can't search) that has a good explanation on how to synthesize dubstep basslines using just Traktor.

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