some advice please :)
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    Default some advice please :)

    hey there guys

    first post here so be nice....

    l should soon be getting an Xponent, and running either traktor or torq on my laptop (cant decide which one at the mo tho...) and just got a few questions.

    1) can you guys please recommend me some decent starter headphones or ear buds, and some decent speakers just for bedroom mixing

    2) i hear a lot about people using ableton with their dj program...what exactly for?! i can use ableton, and was just wondering what people use the two together for. Similarly, what do you use things like midi keyboards and trigger pads etc with regards to straight up dj'ing.

    think thats it for the moment....


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    for question 1 a budget would be nice

    for question 2
    ableton is a producers/live program that some people use for deejaying. if you start i would advice to stay looking @ traktor or torq (personaly i would go for traktor)

    the xponent is a good midi controller to start with
    other options you'll find @
    reloop or vestax for example
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    Any speakers are decent for bedroom mixing, in my opinion. I use an ancient pair of cabinet speakers running into an ancient radio tuner. *shrug* If all you're not doing complicated production then you should be fine.

    I started with a pair of Sony MDR's from Best Buy for 20 bucks. They don't take a lot of abuse, but if you're just in your bedroom working your magic then you should be fine.
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