Can someone explain to me please, in "stupid" people terms, what makes this mixer so special? The digital aspect of it that is.

I've read the review on skratchworx, the product page and the manual and it's all still beyond me.

Welcome to the WORLD OF THE PROFESSIONAL HYBRID DIGITAL MIXER. To control your analog AD/DA conversion and digital signal processing, at the lowest latency rate and highest performance level.
Features that were only a dream with analog circuitry have been answered with a 24bit 96kHz DSP (digital signal processor).
I ...hum....what??? Pardon my stupidity in not understanding the technological lingo on a digital DJ forum, but I'm just wanting to understand whats what.

Reason why I'm set on the PMC 08, is because I'm moving away for college and I would like a 2Ch. mixer to conserve on room and this thing happened to catch my eye. (currently using a xone42)

There is also the new PMC 05 Pro, but whoever designed the exterior of that thing should be shot.