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    The main reason for me and for most Brazilians is that they (the earplugs for DJs/Producers) are still very expensive and not found in every corner...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lambox View Post
    I'm gonna say that for the most part people just don't care. The large majority of the club scene is 18-30 (for the most part) and typically speaking most teenagers and 20-somethings don't care about hearing damage.

    Being someone who is partially deaf in one ear, I always worry about more hearing loss. Given my obsession with producing music (and just listening to music in general), I can't afford any more of it.

    If you want to invest in some ear plugs that are fitted and don't muffle the sound too much, I suggest you go to the doctor, they'll be able to steer you in the right direction. They also are not obnoxious colors, making them harder to see, especially in a dark setting like a night club.

    (It's also worth noting that half the people at clubs and/or concerts are drunk or on drugs, which is going to make you care less about ear plugs and such).

    I just realized this post may have made me sound like an old man. Oops.
    I agree with you lam. I run a commercial studio and I rely heavily on my hearing. I purchased some $50 blockers work amazingly. The cut off db's once they hit around a certain level, so you can still hear people fine when your not completely in the dance floor. They fit snug and you can hardly see them, especially in a club setting.

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