a mute button in traktor?
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    Default a mute button in traktor?

    so i have incorporated a mic into my setup for shit kickin, and i have it all routed up and working properly, but i am wondering, in there anyway to setup a "mute button" using some workaround of a midi mapping. you see, i have my mic routed through deck D, and i want to be able to hold down a button on my midi controller and this button "mutes" decks A, B, and C, thus allowing me and/or random people to yell some obscenities and apply fx to the voices and whatnot.

    i have already tried to assign a button to kill all of the volume faders within traktor (mixing internally by the way), and while i can achieve this, when i release the button, the volume faders shoot all the way up, even if i have the faders on the midi controller half way up, and thus causing the mix to sound shit.

    what i want to achieve is a button that will kill the volume of decks A, B, and C, but when i release it, the volume faders go back to the same positions as they were before, i.e. matching the physical faders on my controller. has anyone tried anything like this? any suggestions? any help is much appreciated, thanks

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    What about mapping to the cut filter or just stopping the decks on press and then starting on release?
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    Hey I believe this will work.

    Go to set up your mapping and figure out which button you want to use.

    1.Click "Add In"
    -Under "Mixer" choose "Input Select."

    2. Assign what button you want.

    3. Set it up as "Button" and "Hold" (Invert remains unchecked), and for assignment choose "Deck A."

    3. Repeat steps 1 through 3 (while assigning the same button that you assigned for step 2) twice, one for "Deck B" and one for "Deck C" (Select assignment and choose deck B, etc..).

    Lemme know how this goes, since it should work.

    Using the method I described above, you can actually do this in a way were you use it a "solo" button for each Deck, by creating four buttons, one thats assigned to B,C,D (this would solo A), another assigned to A,C,D (Solo B), and so forth.

    Hahah I accidently stumbled upon this a while back with my first mapping, just to see what "Input select" did. I still dont have any clue as to what it is meant for but, it kills the volume of a track, and thats way helpful, faster, and cleaner then sliding a fader back and forth.

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    I'm just now getting into TPro, so I don't know details for how to do multiple mappings (modifiers are still a mystery to me, compounded by the extraordinarily inept instructions and explanations in the Traktor manual), but a while back Rufus White made mute buttons for me by essentially turning the deck faders intotoggles with values of 0 and 128 and assigning them to keys. They worked perfectly.

    The lack of mutes is one of those oversights that makes me continually wonder if anyone involved in Traktor design at NI has ever even been to a club, much less been a DJ.
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