iOS4 allows full access to your mobile iTunes Library
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    Default iOS4 allows full access to your mobile iTunes Library

    Great news, here

    So, in theory, you could plug in your iPad or iPhone into your CDJ-2000 system with a pioneer Rekordbox app, and have all the functionality of your laptop with touchscreen navigation, if they would develop it. Also, this makes it possible to develop controllers that would plug into the iPad and control it's internal library. Audio interfaces have already been successfully used with the camera connection kit, so all it's really going to take is some developing and some good ideas and I think someone could change the game again.

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    It's a very exciting time to be a digital dj I think the landscape is going to change more in the next 12-24 Months then they have in the last 10+ years. Although I did just recently find out they had stopped producing Technics this year which makes me very sad. But you have to go with the flow I guess. I can't wait for what is available next year

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    Nice! Now maybe somebody can write a visualizer app as well. Is it too much to ask for a visualizer in itunes?!

    Awesome for DJ'ing as well

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