Quick & easy way to do rewinds with Traktor.
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    Default Quick & easy way to do rewinds with Traktor.

    Real simple one button double map.

    Under transport/"scratch on"
    assign both mappings to the same button. and to deck A

    set scratch to "dec" (or use inc if you're dyslexic and like to fast forward a rewind)
    set scratch on to "hold"

    Now you can jog backwards by hitting the assigned button. the faster you hit the button, the faster you rewind. Hold down the button the audio stops, so your MC can blabber about till you let it go.

    Worth noting it's a really good idea to assign some nearby buttons to hotcues via the select/set+store hotcue function. That way you can choose exactly where you want the ch00n to start after the rewind.

    Here's a vid where I do what is described above using an mpd24.


    You hear that?.........That's the sound of NI removing the turntable bit fx.
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    nice tip!

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    Good advice man! I just use the beatjump +16/-16 mapped to two different buttons on my Launchpad. But that sounds cool.

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