I need some Advices/Opinions/Guidance Please
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    Default I need some Advices/Opinions/Guidance Please

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could share your advice on two things.

    1-Laptop protection against someone touching and evetually dropping the laptop from a stand and/or spill beer or something on the laptop.
    What is your advice and what do you use to protect your investment.

    2-I was wondering about the launchpad and Nocturn step up using 2 usbs, because they are smaller against the apc40(16 knbos, sliders) but i't is big and it might be a hassle to find place on a dj booth with mixers and cdjs.
    Unless I spend over U$300 on a crane laptop stand to be able to actually use the apc and my laptop on top of the cdjs and mixer.
    What's more, I will be using traktor and some ableton live, so I think the launchpad should be easier to set things up besides ableton live with the automap.
    The cost is about the same on ebay right now..1 launch+nocturn controller vs apc40 = U$250.


    P.s:I will be using an i7 macbookpro 17" ( it has 3 usbs plus a network card that I can use to expand that to more four usbs).
    Does it work good for usb powered devices,latency.
    Which card works ok?
    Besides that on the studio I might use 2 extras monitors and I read somewhere that thereis usb to vga or hdmi devices already, does it work good?

    Thanks again.

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    I would go launchpad + UC-16 instead of nocturn personally but would chose an APC-40 over it for that price. Depends on whether you reckon you can fit it in the booth.
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    thanks...yes I am going towards the apc40 as well...more control, same price, the only issue is it's size and weight to be carrying around all the time.
    And the bag that fit the apc, the Mono case 365 pack U$189.

    It's not a booth, I might be playing on diferent clubs,parties, so I need to have a set up to fit anywhere, I have to think about that up front.
    What about the ultimate protection against drunk people asking for songs. They might touch, spill stuff on the laptop, anything we can do to protect the macbook, besides the stand?


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