Gemini CDM 3600 + Laptop = ?
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    Default Gemini CDM 3600 + Laptop = ?

    Hi guys, My names nick and iv'e been seeking help with my problem for the longest ammount of time, Well since iv'e bought my console.

    I just made this account in effort to figure out what I need help with, I may be in the wrong area, or even the wrong website, but if you could lead me where to go or even help me it'd be great, so here it is.

    I mix on a Gemini CDM 3600 Dual Mixing Console, Recently bought it a month ago and picked up on using it VERY fast, I was curious about hooking it up to my laptop through VDJ ( Virtual DJ ). To have this all hooked up I did it through 2 RCA Y cables and a RCA Y Red/White and that all runs into my laptop.

    I found no actual use for it that way because then the Console it self just becomes like.. iunno, pointless..? You'd have a console infront of you but you'd be doing everything on your computer.

    What I wanna know is if I have two Timecoded CDs inside of the Console with my whole contraption set up through Virtual DJ, would that allow me to control everything on Virtual DJ through my console, besides stupid things I have to click with my mouse.

    PLEASE HELP, Will really appreciate it.

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    Welcome to DJTT! This might not be the ideal place for your question, but it's one of the best forums out there for DJs.

    Let's see...Not too familiar with that console, but you're gonna need a dj soundcard to run timecode through it. Something like the NI Audio 4 sold on this site, or the Maya 44 USB. Then it's just a matter of setting up VDJ to run timecode.

    I've been using VDJ for years through many setups and know the ins and outs pretty well, so feel free to pm me with any questions. The Virtual DJ forums can also be very helpful, if your copy isn't cracked.

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    This is the perfect place for your question. Welcome to the forum.

    Your console has no USB or MIDI capabilities. To make it work as a controller for a DVS (Digital Vinyl System) like Serato, Traktor Scratch or Virtual DJ you would need to purchase a digital sound card with USB capabilities. It could not be used as a controller beyond the time code and would only serve as an external mixing console.
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