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    Default External Hard drives

    Hi guys I just saw a video of a review of a dj backpack and the guy has 3 external hardrives and that got me thinking...

    what is the advantages of having the music stream from an external hardrive vs the laptop hardrive for live use, deejaying.

    If it is a good thing which ones do you recommend?


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    There are no advantages that i can see.
    If your short on HD space or just need a portable collection then there are reasons but i see no advantages.

    Maybe if your laptop gets trashed but everyone should have a backup anyway.

    Its just more gear to take out that can go wrong. Slower load times, and as Matthew Dear found to his cost it can be easily stolen.

    I have a ext HD that i 'can' dj off but id never chose to do so.

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    There is a definate difference between DJing from an Internal HDD and an External from my experience. There is about a difference of a couple of seconds and also when analysing a song can take significantly longer. Sometimes when you need those few seconds, they count.
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