No midi coming from usb help?
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    Default No midi coming from usb help?

    Ok so when my trigger finger is connected by usb nothing seams to pick it up when sending midi signals but when i use a usb to midi cable it works fine
    the problem is that dont send power so it means i still have to have the other usb plugged in so its taking up 2 usb ports and means i aint got the extra one free for my hard drive i have racked my brains i just cant find out what the problem is

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    It sounds like some of the USB pins are damaged either on the Trigger Finger or the USB cable. Try a different cable, the higher quality the better. If that still doesn't change anything, than you may need to just use your MIDI cable work around. Instead of using the USB to power the TF, get a power supply for it so that you can free up a USB port on your computer.
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