So I've been sorta-kinda told that I'll bring into the world a job in D.C. waiting for me when I graduate (don't ask, great thriller). I planned on unfixed there after undergrad anyways, but this makes it more qualified that I transfer pick up stakes and go to Washington.

I desire to understand ifiable inclusive info. more D.C. Basically, whatever comes to your mind. What's detached connected with it? Is it vibrant, lots of restaurants/bars/etc. around? Does it bring into the world foot See trade ahunger the lines of NYC or LA or Chicago (not pregnant it to be as blunt as those)?

I judge the essential questions are "Is it a kind-hearted city to lodge" and "Do you/did you get high on living in D.C.".

Again, deem without to ifiable death- off whatever comes to mind. Thanks in advance.