How Long Should a DJ Demo CD be?
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    Default How Long Should a DJ Demo CD be?

    So I'm getting to the point where I'm happy enough with my DJing chops to start working some of the promoters I know to get some gig. How long should a prog house promo CD be? I've heard anything from an hour to 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

    Anyone who is a promoter can tell me what I should be looking at?
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    while mixes can be from 20min to 2 hours, you are looking at around 30 mintes for a demo from what I have seen

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    i've always gone for around an hour. as long as you can keep their interest all the way through you're laughing.

    imo, the shorter you make it the more impressive in terms of tricks and mixing you need to be. then they're like 'omg! all that in 30 mins? imagine what he'd be like for 2 hours'. so i pace my self across an hour

    also, always hold something back, or tone it down a bit. if you can make the demo sound the nuts, and keep some surprises back to use live once they've booked you, you'll blow their bollocks off on the night.

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    For a demo i'd go for a nice tight 30 minute mix. Keep it simple and smooth but give the listener a good taste of what you can do. The last demo we did was a video of our first gig.
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