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    Correct, I slave Ableton to Traktor. It works like this for me, it doesnt matter who is CLOCK master whatsoever.

    Launchpad uses a ControlSurface/script mapping. When you connect launchpad to
    Ableton there are different pre-mapped configurations for Mixer and Clip and USER1,

    I implemented this mapping on USER1 which uses midi channel 5. And is freely assignable

    In Ableton you select it as a control surface and select the Launchpad as IN/OUT, like
    any other control surface. In the midi preferences also enable IN/OUT (no sync) on
    Launchpad In/Launchpad Out.

    In Traktor i use the Traktor Virtual Midi, i create a new generic midi, set one OUT command for clock. I do not enable the input on this "clock" device, output only.

    In ableton i take the input from Traktor Virtual Midi and enable SYNC only. This
    works like a charm transport in Traktor starts Live.

    Here is the tricky part, in Ableton i create two midi tracks, then in Traktor, i create
    another Generic Midi device and set input to Traktor Virtual in/out.

    In Ableton,
    1st track is set to Launchpad IN channel 5, output on that channel is Traktor Virtual
    2nd track is set to Traktor Virtual on channel 1 routed to Launchpad Output channel 1.
    This allows we to pass LED states to the Launchpad from Traktor bi-directional.
    Implementing it like this also preserves the full function of Launchpad.

    Hope that helps explain.


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    Beautiful explanation. I will be testing this out when I get my launchpad in the mail.

    Thank you sooooo much!

    -Bryce D

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    I know this thread is old, but would like to re-upload that mapping again? I'd like to try it =)

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