Q: about using a USB hub with a soundcard, controller, hard drive, mouse combination?
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    Default Q: about using a USB hub with a soundcard, controller, hard drive, mouse combination?

    I have a PC Laptop, and it only has 3 USB ports on it.

    For my set up, I use a Vextax VCI-100, a Native Instruments Audio 2DJ, and a mouse. Since my music library has grown, I've run out of space on my internal hard drive, so I have to use an external...Except my question is this:

    Out of the VCI, the Audio 2DJ, the Mouse, and the Hard Drive, which two items should I run off the hub? I assume 1 of them should DEFINITELY be the mouse, but what else?

    Between the VCI, Audio 2DJ, and Hard Drive, I would assume all of them would benefit from direct connectivity.

    Anyone have any input on this?

    Also, is there a different with USB hubs? Which one should I get? Which one should I steer clear from? Is there anything about USB hubs that I should know?

    I've never used a USB hub and I know little about them...So I'm also wondering if there's anything more to it than just allowing more USB ports...

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    that should get you started. basically, you want a powered hub, and your soundcard should NEVER go into the hub, but be on its own slot

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    Start with this article.


    There's also a couple of USB threads in the FAQ

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