Help with Mixer and Soundcard setup!!!
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    Default Help with Mixer and Soundcard setup!!!

    Hey I'm a long time DJTT blog reader and I have snooped around the forums but never posted so thanks for taking the time to help out a noob.

    I have TraktorPro on my laptop and have been using my Maschine controller in midi to control cuepoint juggling and effects in traktor. I am looking to get more serious into the dj side of things and need to purchase a mixer. My question is to whether usb mixers work with traktor and if it would be possible to have a usb mixer and maschine controller hooked up into my laptob usb ports and then use the souncard on the mixer to run outputs into speakers, and if this is possible whether my headphone mix would be able to be controlled in traktor using the headphone outlet on the mixer.

    Thanks for the response I know this is probably a really easy answer but I have not been able to find any info about it anywhere and would love to save $200 dollars on a soundcard like the audio 4dj if at all possible


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    if you get an analogue mixer, then you need a sound card for each channel you are using.

    If you get midi mixer and mix "internal" than you only need your one "out" channel that sends sound to your speakers. Sound cards like the audio 2 have a headphone jack.

    So for example a mixer like a VCI-100 your mixing internal, and Audio 2 is fine and you can play all 4 decks. To do that with a "regular" analogue mixer (Xone 42) you need an audio 8. One for each channel (8 is actually 4 left and 4 right outputs).

    There is depate on what gives you better sound quality.
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