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    It's amazing how out of hand things get when you take something completely out of context. Not one comment there noticed that it is only information about shipping times and not a shipping option...

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    WTF, $50,000 shipping? lol
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    Obviously an error in the code somewhere I mean yes paying for gold plated cables with a digital signal is stupid I'm not sure the usb cables they sell on the site are thou I thought they were more protected from interference if that's even possible but doesn't matter with a digital signal it either works or it doesn't there's no in between you may have more lag but that's with everything really

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    Lol I noticed this when I ordered some stuff. I literally spent 5 minutes staring at the screen to make sure I didn't have that option selected hahah. I think it's there to show people what options there are for shipping and the $50,000 makes sure that people don't select that option.

    Pretty funny regardless.

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    lol thats pretty crack up had not noticed that before...

    Bartboy - the gold plating on the cables is for longevity of the contacts - nothing to do do with better quality data transfer.

    This is also the case for gold plated contacts on audio, it has nothing to do with better sound in a 'as new condition' - this is a very common consumer misconception.

    Look on the back of any decent mixer, all audio contacts will be gold plated, look at all the connectors in you macbook, all gold plated again, in fact look inside ANY USB certified connector, the internal contacts will be gold coated, this is part of the USB spec.

    Now what the USB spec does not demand is that the shield contact (the large external metal part of a USB connector) is gold plated. This shield contact is what connects the shielding in the cable to the GND or chassis GND of the host (your computer), once this degrades the contact resistance increases as the shield becomes less effective.

    And the people commenting on how can RF interferance effect digital rate/quailty - I'm not even going to start on that, but they should really check their high school level physics textbooks and ask themselves the question "Why are speaker (analog) cables rarely shielded, whereas any high speed digital (USB, Firewire, HDMI) cable standard requires shielding".

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    Yeah, I submitted that. I'll be honest, I didn't notice what it actually said on the shipping option, I just thought it would make a funny picture. I'm such a whore.

    (I still bought the USB cable, by the way)

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