VCI100 + TRAKTOR3 = fader problem
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    Default VCI100 + TRAKTOR3 = fader problem

    hey !

    just got my vci-100 !
    all is perfect except one thing that is bugging me ...
    when i play and put one fader down to 0, then choose a track for that deck
    and assign it to deck, the fader in traktor goes up. i have to raise the actual
    fader on vci-100 and put it back down for it to be on 0.
    anyone else had this problem ?
    it's strange

    thanks !

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    Damn, these are the times I wish I could have Traktor at work. I wouldn't get any WORK work done, but I'd be a lot more productive.

    In the Settings, there's an option to reset deck controls. Turn that off. Someone else can tell you where it is if you can't find it yourself. Damn my memory!
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    thanks mate, im sure i will find it myself! No worries!
    Have a pleasant thursday!

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