ASIO4ALL and Typhoon help
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    Default ASIO4ALL and Typhoon help

    My asio4all v2 doesnt work. When I try using it instead of my internal laptop soundcard, i get zero sound. Nothing at all. I've been trying to use both my Vestax Typhoon and internal card at the same time. (I have no idea how to aggregate them since asio doesnt wrok).
    If this can be resolved, that would be much appreciated
    also i use a pc, if that helps any.

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    When you select asio as your driver you should see a little icon for the control panel in the bottom left corner, by the windows clock. You will not see it if you're in full screen mode. From there, select what inputs/outputs you want active, set buffers, go back to traktor and setup the outputs in there accordingly.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks man, big help. Got it working now

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