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    Default Looking to switch things up

    Hey guys

    So I'm debating on completely redoing my DJ set up. I love the VCI-100 but I find myself limited by its interface. This isn't a complaint of the VCI-100 but more of my mode of thinking when looking at it. I want to get away from the standard methods (two jog wheels and faders and gain etc. etc. etc.) and try and start putting myself together with a more keyboard centric set up.

    Now, to do this I want my knobs to be endless. I know the Akai MPK49 has endless knobs, as does the Remote 25SLC for soft-takeovers of EQ and effect parameters. Is there a 37 key midi controller that has endless knobs, at least 8 faders, and both a modulation and expression wheel to the side (no x/y pad or joystick needed)?

    I'm being really picky, but if there's an ideal choice I'd rather use that than something middle-of-the-road.

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    Id grab a Novation 37SL personally, then reorder the keys moldover style !

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