Anyway to Duplicate Traktor/Cue Points
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    Default Anyway to Duplicate Traktor/Cue Points

    I'd like to be able to have exact copies of Traktor, i'm running with 2 Macbook Pros and would like to know if it's possible to duplicate cue points, BPM INFO and everything between my 2 laptops.

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    Sure I am no expert as many of the forum users but you need to basically copy the collection.NMl from the old mac to your new one as also the traktorīs XML file. Obvioulsy need to copy all the tracks and have traktor relocate them.

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    Yeah pretty much right alien2k.

    Traktor writes the Cue points to the mp3s so if you copy over the Collection.nml and import it to the other laptop you can make Traktor read the mp3s and all your cues/grids will be there.

    Yeah you will need to relocate the tracks as well.

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