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    Default ordering stuff horror stories

    placed an order on saturday from djspal.com

    checked my bank account monday night and saw they had not taken the money yet so i decided to give them a call tuesday.

    i called right when they opened and was told it should have shipped, have to talk to a manager and figure it out then they would call me back.

    4 or 5 hours later I call them back to find out what the deal is. they find out they dont have any and the manager will find out when they come in stock and call me.

    i call thursday and say i want to cancel my order. the manager never called me and i have no idea whats going on. if i didnt call in the first place they wouldnt have told me anything. the dude working said oh just wait they will be here probably monday or tuesday.

    i hate musiciansfriend but called them, said hey djspal is giving me 10% off(which they were) can you match it? they said sure and i ordered. its shipping out and should be here within 3 days.

    anyone else have any order horrow stories from anywhere

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    That's not a horror story, they didn't even take the money out. Back when the internet was new and ebay was just starting I payed for a $1500 camera body with a money order. Never got it.
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    I've never personally had anything bad happen when ordering things, but in 2001/2002 I worked at Best Buy as the supervisor for the home theater department. We worked with a guy who was all the time talking about how he would sell the same thing to 3 different people on ebay and never actually ship it to them. I thought that was an asshat thing to do, so I started keeping an eye on him. Found out he was stealing from the store, so we called the cops and had the cops come and get him.

    He later claimed to have a multiple personality disorder that caused him to steal.
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    Not really a horror story, but more of a human error in working on-line.

    I ordered a bass from a small on-line store, last one they had of a rare model. No problem. The guy there in shipping was filling out the shipping info on-line with USPS and instead of choosing Canada from the list, he missed by one country and chose the one below, Canary Islands (who hasn't missed like this on a drop down list...). Needless to say, when I called a few days later to see where the package was, they said "No, it shipped OK and you should have it". My response, "No, didn't receive, please send me the tracking number". Boom, saw the error.

    They got me another one as quick as possible (2 months) and I've enjoyed the bass since, but lesson learned: double check EVERYTHING.

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    i hate musiciansfriend [/QUOTE]

    Why? I have ordered tons of stuff over the years from MF.com and never had a single problem. They will match damn near any price and they also have one of the best return policies I have ever seen. Not much to hate IMO.
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