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    So I went to Osheaga in Montreal this year, a big music festival with a pretty big variety of genres from Devo to Gaslight Anthem to Deadmau5. I went mainly to see Deadmau5 but, since he passed out in DC a couple days ago, he had to cancel the show.

    Crushed, me and my friends obviously still went, not expecting anything to awesome. Some great shows were on when we got there so we were just chilling enjoying the tunes then we went to a separate stage for more music fit to my style.

    We got there and this guy called Lunice was on. He was awesome. What a rocking DJ. It seemed like he was truly enjoying what he was doing up there and even though he's not a big name at all (on the list for who was at Osheage, he was second to last) he drew a fairly large crowd. It was a great time.

    Then, Major Lazer came on (Basically Diplo with a Jamaican MC)

    This guy was fucking awesome. He moved from house to dubstep to reggae to reggae/dubstep and it was an epic 2 hour partyfest. Diplo was probably the most enjoyable live performer I've ever seen

    Just thought I'd fill some people in on the details of a music festival. Oh and Diplo is fucking awesome live.
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    its a nice place. i often go there for the "picnik electronique" each sunday there Dj playing on a nice sunny spot to chill. There was also a t-dance on sunday. They closed a few main street of montreal for the "diversity festival" its was so nice.
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    I saw Diplo a few months back in Taipei. IT was a GREAT show. Just nonstop fun. He came back with the MC 2 months later, missed it, but I'm sure it was great.

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    yeah Osheaga was awesome! I was working there, (witha backstage pass woooooo). Had a great time.

    Lunice is great, if you like his music check out his 2 remix compilations, as well as music from other Mtl native Hovatron (who was djing on saturday)

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