Recent Issues Setting Up at gigs.
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    Default Recent Issues Setting Up at gigs.

    Lately Ive been having wierd issues setting up at gigs, i do not use cdj's or tunrtables, however i do have traktor scratch and the audio 8. Lately ive been taking my audio 8 and 2 midifighters and my computer to gigs, and having to set up by putting in my audio 8 and hooking up the cables to the house mixer. I was wondering if there was an easier way to go around this, I guess i need a workaround of how i can bring my midifighters and computer and just fix a few prefrences in my traktor settings and use the house interface and mixer, it seems almost impossible that eventually im going to fuck my set up one night plugging and unplugging wires at a gig. Any feedback?

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    What interface are they using?? If your on a pc then chances are that there is a ASIO driver for whatever one they're using. You'll need ASIO4ALL, which is free.

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    Just label your cables and be sure to ALWAYS plug stuff back in the way you found it. Why not just plug into the input of the house mixer from the A8 instead of another audio interface? Is the mixer rack mounted or set up in some way prohibiting access to the inputs?

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    Are there house interfaces? I mean, really, all you can do is run directly into the mixer from your Audio8. Maybe get a smaller interface like the Audio2? And yeah, label your cables and idiot check yourself.
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