Hello and thanks to everyone here at DJTT for an amazingly great community of passionate pro's who love what they do! I've been lurking on and off for at least a year. I finally registered so I could start participating.

I am a full-time social DJ - almost exclusively weddings. I've been "digital" for 10 years. My first mobile was a desktop computer crammed sideways into a SKB gig rig topped with a CRT screen that I lugged around in a custom case. As soon as laptops could handle it, I retooled and lightened my load by 40 pounds. I ran OtsAV, which was full of features and rock solid, but limited for anything beyond radio style DJ'ing, which is still the norm at weddings and social events.

4 years ago, I worked with a DJ who showed me what Ableton and a controller could do. It blew my mind. A few weeks later, I purchased an M-Audio Xponent and started to learn Torq, which is my main axe now. I have always been a good programmer, and adding beatmatching and a few self-taught tricks kicked up my performance, energy and ability to spontaneously react to my audience more than a few notches.

I think the next step is to start collaborating with a seasoned club DJ who would be interested in assessing what I do and helping me take things to the next level in exchange for learning from me the very specific (and lucrative) art, science and psychology of entertaining at weddings and social events.

I consult with top wedding pro's around the country, showing them how to tighten their sales, presentations and MC skills, and I've come to the conclusion that to learn what I want to learn, I need to go outside of this circle. It would be great to find someone in the Bay Area who is thinking the same thing.

I'm also open to paying the right person for their time, skill, and expertise, but I think a collaboration would be far more mutually beneficial. If it works the way I want it to, his could be a great opportunity for both of us.

Contact me and let's talk about it.