Eq's in Traktor Pro acting like filters???
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    Default Eq's in Traktor Pro acting like filters???

    Does anyone know why Traktor Pro's EQ's would be acting like filters? For instance, when I turn up the high EQ to +100% all the bass gets filtered out. same with the mids and lows. Instead of just boosting or cutting the respective frequency, it seems to work like a high pass filter (using the high EQ as this example).

    This does not appear to be a mapping issue with the vci-100se .tsi since I can get the same result using the mouse straight into Traktor.

    Any ideas?

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    I tried what you said and mine does not behave in the same way. The only way for this to happen to my knowledge is if the filter knob is linked to the EQs, which I don't see why it would.

    But as far as the EQing goes, it behaves just fine for me in Pro.
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    Are you sure your not clipping when you are ramming it up that high ?
    That definantly wouldnt do nice thing to your audio, including killing the low end.

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