Sync Traktor across 2 laptops
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    Default Sync Traktor across 2 laptops

    I'm planning to start a 2 man DJ act aimed at clubs who play different genres at different times of the night. I play house music and I would like to partner with an R&B/ Hip Hop DJ so that we can keep a crowd going all night (I don't enjoy playing R&B).

    I would however like to make it a performance more than just taking turns to play - dropping hip hop samples over house beats and vice versa. My prospective partner is going to have to be a digital DJ as well, and as such I would like to have our Traktor sessions synced so that we can effectively play together - I can drop samples in time over his beats and he can drop an acapella over a house track I'm playing from my laptop.

    Is there a way to sync Traktor pro across laptops to make this possible?

    I think that this will be a fun (and popular) experiment and that with some preparation and practice we could put together some truly memorable sets.

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    me and a buddy of mine just had a 4hr long jam session with me on Traktor and him on Serato. both playing hip hop and house. We Just beatmatched by ear. it went really well.

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    look in the faq, there's a couple of articles in there.

    however, i think the sync is overrated, just beatmatch them manually, you can both read bpm readouts and work a pitch fader and pitch bend so wouldn't be too difficult

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