"Uneditable" Items in Traktor
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    Default "Uneditable" Items in Traktor

    I have been keying all my songs, and see that I can edit this and add it when in "track collection" but when I, say, make a folder of only top 40 music and put it up there for easy access, my keys nor correct BPM show up. It is a very tedious task to filter your entire collection in "track collection" when you are searching for just one song by key or something.

    It says "not editable" when I click my top 40 folder and have an idea it has to do with it being linked to my itunes....so is there a way to get my key and such to show up?

    Also a complete 180 from this question. When beatgridding top 40, I get readings anywhere from 80-120. When I get these slow songs, do most of you leave them at 80, or should I double it to 160 as I would when I tap my foot? It seems it would go better with the rest of my music if I would do that, but thought I'd ask.


    Edit: I figured out the way around the first question I had about editing new folders. So we can scratch that. But if you could enlighten me on the second question still, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    first, the issue with the uneditable songs probs has to do with itunes. You can go into traktor and make a playlist in traktor and name is top40, then you can go into itunes through traktor and drag your songs from that playlist into the traktor playlist. It could also be that the songs have DRM on them, in which case you can't edit those songs.

    Second, I leave my slow RnB songs at 80 bpm, since they are 80 bpm, not 160 bpm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfbeatz View Post
    Second, I leave my slow RnB songs at 80 bpm, since they are 80 bpm, not 160 bpm.

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    Hmm, for me I'm not so partial about the song being at it's true, designated BPM as long as it's easier to mix.

    For example, take dubstep. They usually come in at around 70 BPM. Seeing as I mix mainstream electro house and such, which usually come anywhere from 120 to 140, it's easier for me to have my dubstep songs' BPM doubled as it becomes instantly sync-able.

    Don't get me wrong, I always have at least one of my jog wheels set up for beatmatching purposes, which I mostly use for old school disco songs which have a varying BPM. (Cause they were to cool to use metronomes back in the day.)

    In essence, you should set it up so that it suits your music library, and your workflow.
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