switching set-up with the dj playing before you
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    Default switching set-up with the dj playing before you

    So i've been wondering for a while.

    Most clubs i know don't have all the room in the world put aside for their dj-booths. On the contrary, most of the booths in the smaller clubs are cramped away somewhere, barely fitting in 2 cdj's and a mixer.

    Normal switch-ups between CD playing dj's are pretty straightforward: Currently playing DJ, puts a new, kinda long track in. The new dj uses the other CDJ for his first track, they switch headphones and voilą, they switched places.

    Now I imagine myself being asked for a closing set at one of those clubs. I have a VCI-100SE, a VCM-100, 17inch laptop and audio 4dj soundcard.

    How the hell are you supposed to set that up in a cramped dj booth, while keeping the other DJ able to spin?

    There's no problem setting up as the first dj of the night, as i have the standard foam pads to put on top of the CDJ's. It's just the switch-up that i'm worried about.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Start off with a couple of longish songs on your own CD's so you have time to set your gear up after the other DJ gets out of your way.
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    at a night i'm doing in a couple of weeks, just going to be 2 djs (skenderbeg from this forum (deeperbreed) and me), setting up a mixer to the amp, leaving both rigs linked and switching as/when.

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    The first part of this article...
    should give you some insight.
    The rest of it is pretty important stuff too.

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